Problems You May Face While Changing Web Hosting Provider

We observe that many of us change the hosting service provider because of the bad services offered from the current host, accounts suspension, hosting termination or any such issues. However, a decision to change the hosting provider should be made carefully.
Being in Web Hosting Mexico industry, I have seen many people who don’t know anything about where to go. They are just not technically sound and never know their requirements. The lack of knowledge and scams become the big problem. Let us try to understand what can be the problems while you change your Host.

Problems You May Face

1) Who you are moving to:- Yes, it is very important to know who you are moving your hosting to. This decision can be because of the cost factor, services offered, affiliates etc. If you are hosting a personal Non-profit site then ofcourse, you will find a cheap hosting provider. It should be noted that when you pay less, you should not have much expectations from the service provider. Your site can face regular downtime, slow performance issues. If it is a professional Business website, the reliability is too important. You should check the services of the hosting provider before you move your website to them. How can this be done? You can contact the Sales team 3-4 times before you move on, ask them for an IP address to check the Latency. Get an Uptime Report for atleast a month. Uptime is the most important factor for a Business Website. You may lose thousands because of downtime. Select the host that can ensure you 99.90% Uptime Guarantee, if not 100%

2) Get a Backup of your website:- Ask the current host to provide you the complete backup of your website. If you have control panel, you can get the backup yourself. However, in few cases, you do not have control over the backup of your website. Imagine, if the host suspends your hosting account. You should be able to contact them and ask for a complete backup. They may charge you for providing backup or giving you temporary access to the suspended account. If the data is too important and worth the cost, pay them and take control over your data in the form of backup. However, if your account is terminated, you can’t take a backup and you will have to start from scratch.

3) Know your control panel:- I had an experience dealing with a lady whom I asked about the control panel. It was 5-7 times when I confirmed with her, if it was cPanel and she said yes it was. She got hosting with us and we activated it. However, when we had asked for the login details for cPanel to start with data transfer, we found that it was a free website and it’s backup couldn’t be taken. I am sharing this experience to inform you that before you have signed up with new hosting provider, you should make sure that you have same control panel with the current host too. This will help in ease of data migration.

Changing Web Hosting Provider

There could be few more problems like compatibility, configurations etc. that one might face while changing the host. Hence, to conclude, keep an eye on each and every side of the problems while changing your host and you will be able to move without any harassment.