Problems You May Face While Changing Web Hosting Provider

We observe that many of us change the hosting service provider because of the bad services offered from the current host, accounts suspension, hosting termination or any such issues. However, a decision to change the hosting provider should be made carefully.
Being in Web Hosting Mexico industry, I have seen many people who don’t know anything about where to go. They are just not technically sound and never know their requirements. The lack of knowledge and scams become the big problem. Let us try to understand what can be the problems while you change your Host.

Problems You May Face

1) Who you are moving to:- Yes, it is very important to know who you are moving your hosting to. This decision can be because of the cost factor, services offered, affiliates etc. If you are hosting a personal Non-profit site then ofcourse, you will find a cheap hosting provider. It should be noted that when you pay less, you should not have much expectations from the service provider. Your site can face regular downtime, slow performance issues. If it is a professional Business website, the reliability is too important. You should check the services of the hosting provider before you move your website to them. How can this be done? You can contact the Sales team 3-4 times before you move on, ask them for an IP address to check the Latency. Get an Uptime Report for atleast a month. Uptime is the most important factor for a Business Website. You may lose thousands because of downtime. Select the host that can ensure you 99.90% Uptime Guarantee, if not 100%

2) Get a Backup of your website:- Ask the current host to provide you the complete backup of your website. If you have control panel, you can get the backup yourself. However, in few cases, you do not have control over the backup of your website. Imagine, if the host suspends your hosting account. You should be able to contact them and ask for a complete backup. They may charge you for providing backup or giving you temporary access to the suspended account. If the data is too important and worth the cost, pay them and take control over your data in the form of backup. However, if your account is terminated, you can’t take a backup and you will have to start from scratch.

3) Know your control panel:- I had an experience dealing with a lady whom I asked about the control panel. It was 5-7 times when I confirmed with her, if it was cPanel and she said yes it was. She got hosting with us and we activated it. However, when we had asked for the login details for cPanel to start with data transfer, we found that it was a free website and it’s backup couldn’t be taken. I am sharing this experience to inform you that before you have signed up with new hosting provider, you should make sure that you have same control panel with the current host too. This will help in ease of data migration.

Changing Web Hosting Provider

There could be few more problems like compatibility, configurations etc. that one might face while changing the host. Hence, to conclude, keep an eye on each and every side of the problems while changing your host and you will be able to move without any harassment.

Transportation Tips in Argentina

There’s more to Argentina than Buenos Aires, but the capital city is a great place to start your travels. Many travelers are hesitant to make the journey to breathtaking destinations such as Iguazu Falls or Mendoza because of information. Navigating the web of transportation can be difficult, but whether you’re taking a daytrip to the beautiful suburb of San Isidro or a beach weekend in Mar del Plata, you have several options that will get you from downtown to outside the city.


The train is probably your best bet for longer distance travel within the province of Buenos Aires. You can head to the islas of Tigre or quiet suburbs for a day trip that will only cost you a little more than two pesos roundtrip. There are two stations in Belgrano, which is easily accessible by taking bus 118 or the subte D line to the Juramento stop. There is also a station in Plaza Miserere called Once. Bus 41 will drop you off directly in the plaza, and the station is on the same street.


If you´re looking for a daytrip but don´t feel comfortable with public transportation, remis companies are a good option. For many private companies, you can pay with a credit card, and they have licensed drivers who will pick you up and drop you off directly at the door of your hostel or hotel. This service will cost you a little extra but is still worth the security, especially if you don´t speak any Spanish. The drivers are registered and usually will give you a free tour to boot!


Not for long distance travel, taxis are efficient and cheap. There are taxi drivers who will take you the long way into the city and overcharge you. If you pay with a 100 peso note, they pay give you back fake bills in change. Not all taxi drivers will take advantage of you, but it’s always better to be careful. Opt for taxis that have phone numbers painted on the outside doors or on white signs on top of the roof. These are licensed taxi companies and the drivers are less likely to rip you off.


Public buses are called “colectivos.” This option is ideal for transportation within the city, but it´s not ideal for traveling into the provinces. If you are absolutely stuck and have no alternative, you can take the colectivo (bus). For example, coming from the airport, number 86 will take you relatively into the city, but it can take hours and they are usually very crowded and uncomfortable. And if you have a lot of luggage, it is not necessarily safe. While the bus only costs one peso and twenty-five centavos, you’re better off spending the same amount of money on the train, which is more efficient because it doesn´t make as many stops. Long distance private buses are also very affordable, but your best bet is to show up at the bus station to inquire about departure times and ticket prices. lugares turisticos en misiones Online services do exist, but they are not always reliable.

There is so much to be seen in the city of Buenos Aires, but if you´re staying for more than a few days, don´t pass up the opportunity to see the rest of the country!

Godaddy WebHosting Review 2016 –

GoDaddy is one of the web hosting companies that offers reasonable pricing. The company also offers an amazing selection of free advertising credits, web hosting apps, and many other vital tools to help you create and manage your website with minimal hassle.

GoDaddy  Hosting Package

GoDaddy offers economy, deluxe and ultimate hosting plans. GoDaddy economy package has quantifiable numbers and maximums that make it easy to monitor. The economy plan offers parked domains and unlimited bandwidth; however, it has limited disk storage of 100GB. It’s true that 100GB appears to be a little lower than the term unlimited, but it’s a good number that’s difficult for small businesses to reach.

GoDaddy Control Panel

The company uses control panel (cPanel) version 11.4.1 which is very easy to use. It has an outstanding database manager, domain manager, and file manager. It’s not common for online file managers to be very flexible. The economy hosting plan misses some vital advanced features which keep GoDaddy from ranking as one of the top shared hosting companies. What’s more, a customer is always charged when migrating from one domain to the other.

Help and Support

The company offers various chat support channels including 24/7 phone services, email, and social network support through Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. They also offer live chat support but they take somewhat too long to respond. Getting help immediately is very important if you have a problem with your website and live chat is one of the most effective ways to communicate with a representative.


GoDaddy’s basic hosting plans doesn’t allow you to use intensive security such as a secure socket layer, which allows users to make their website URL secure and transfer private information. Without this feature, eCommerce transactions cannot be trusted.

The Bottom Line

GoDaddy may not be the best web hosting company but it’s a worthy competitor. It offers enough bandwidth and sufficient disk space to operate a small business website efficiently. The company also allows users to cancel their package at any time during the contract and offers a 45-day full refund on everything except the URL purchase.

Before concluding, I would like to thank the creator of the blog  www Mejoreshosting pro that has helped us to write much of the content of this article